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Google Testimonials


Audra N.

I couldn't ask for a better doctor. I have never had one that goes above and beyond like Dr. G does. I love that she always remembers something we talked about during our last visit and makes it a point to being it up during the following visit. Excellent bedside manner

Grasica R.

I didn’t expect much while going in but after talking to Dr G i felt more at ease. She is a very soft spoken and friendly person. I think she understood all my problems without me even telling her. She knows what she’s doing so i highly recommend.

Carol R.

The direct care and attention that Dr. G gave to me during my recent visit was only a sampling of her heart to help others. I am looking forward to my next appointment.

Liz D.

Dr G. takes her time with you, reviews all your lab work and ask you if you have concerns of any kind. She suggest over the counter items that she uses personally. She cares about her patients . I have referred many people to her.


Anaira I.

Had a hard time finding a good provider here in the Valley. When I found Dr. G, my search was over. She is very Proffesional, personable, and caring. She has been the only doctor ever to understand me and help me out. Thanks to her I found all the help I need on all aspects of my physical and mental self. I am a work in progress but I’m glad she’s the doctor to guide me through it all. 


Verenice A.

I love how this office is really trying to help patients. Dr G, has been so great, she is engaged with you as patient and motivated you to do better for yourself. She has a personalized dietetic program and goals that are realistic and in the right direction for you to be in control. I use to give up on my doctors due to the lack of communication and understanding, I feel that with Dr G would be so different. The whole office team is polite, professional, and caring.


Lonnie V.

The care I receive is the best and carried out by the most professional team I have ever had the pleasure of being treated by.My needs are met at each visit. I am listened to they care about my health and wellbeing and I recommend this Professional Team to many people everyday.


Nanas B.

I have been a patient of Dr. G's for over a year now and I couldn't be happier that I switched to Dr. G. She is amazing, caring and so knowledgeable, not only with Diabetes but with everything else. She has helped me so much and I will never be able to thank her enough. Yes, she does run behind and you will have to wait but once you're seen by her, you will understand why. She spends quality time with her patients and doesn't rush you out the door for an insurance payment like most offices do. She will spend equal time with you as she does with all her patients. Her staff is beyond amazing. I have witnessed the staff change a lot here. Once you get use to someone they are gone. I have heard the girls prior to her new staff complain about pay and I pray she doesn't lose her current staff over this. They are all amazing, friendly, professional and knowledgable. Whenever I need a refill on medication or an approval, I can call in and get it solved within a day or 2. I needed to be referred to another Dr and to my surprise and shock, I recieved a call from the Dr's office the next day to schedule me in. Absolutley amazing. I use to have to wait weeks or months in the past for my referrals. The young man at the front desk explained that he would put the referral together and get it out by the end of the day or the next day at the latest. Super impressive,and whenever I am in the office, he is always so friendly, welcoming and personable. In conclusion, Dr G. and her staff are superior to any other office I have ever had to visit and I can't thank them enough. Keep up the great work Dr. G and great job on picking this staff. Please don't lose any of them, they make this office run smoothly.


Frances C.

I am 44 years old and have had my share of doctors and medical offices and have never had such positive experiences. Dr G understands her role as a physician and takes it very seriously she listen to you and followers up on any and all concerns you have and she always makes sure you understand everything happening and answers questions. Her staff is warm friendly and professional. By far the best experience I've had I'd highly recommend her to anyone looking for a primary care physician. Ive refered my own family.


Arturo M.

Dr.G has been very helpful and has done a lot for me like getting my sugars under control. When i first saw Dr.G my blood sugar was over 300 now it has been 116. Dr.G has also helped me with my Ostomy by referring me to UCSF and now i am on the right track with my health. Wonderful doctors like Dr.G i recommend her to everyone. I also lost weight , she is the best doctor i ever had. Thank you Dr.G!


Gary P.

I am a retired physician and have had Type 1 diabetes since 8 years of age. I have seen Dr. G for 
The last year and am very happy with her and her staff. Dr. G spends a great amount of time with
Me and answers all my questions completely (unusual in this day and age). My last 4 A1Cs since 
Seeing her have all been between 5.3 and 5,7. I would recommend Dr. G highly to anyone with Type
1 or 2 diabetes for excellent management. Thus far in spite of having this annoying illness for 64
Years, I have no complications.



Dr. G. is extremely thorough and curious- a great combination for a physician. She spent a great deal of time with me in a manner that was both professional and compassionate. Her medical knowledge and skill sets are outstanding. This is not a "cookie cutter" Doctor. Give her a try, you will NOT be disappointed.


Dan V. 

I haven’t been with Dr G long but I feel like I am home and she actually cares about my health. Her bedside manner and general demeanor is very welcoming and nurturing. I have never felt that way about any other doctor in the area. She definitely a godsend and I feel that with my health in her hands, there is nothing I cannot conquer healthwise with her! 

Pam S. 

I recently moved to California from the East Coast, and I was concerned that I would not find a diabetologist as good as my wonderful one in NC. But I scored HUGE with Dr. Gangupantula! She is extremely professional, knowledgeable, down-to-earth, and very encouraging for motivated patients trying to improve and maintain their health. She emulates the standard of partner in care. Dr. G worked with me over an incredibly short period to get my A1C down from almost 9 down to 6.8! Her skill in balancing my meds (oral and injectible), and introducing new options had my numbers in perfect condition before a surgery. She spends extra time to go over therapies, is incredibly diligent about getting paperwork and referrals processed. You can't ask for a better primary care physician, too. And a special thank you to Dr. G's tireless staff; they are efficient, compassionate and go the extra mile for patients. 

Kaylee K. 

Dr G and her staff are very warming and welcoming as soon as you walk into the office. DR G always answers all questions and takes in the best interest in her patients well being. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! 

Jose Q. 

Very good Doctor, very fast on refills, takes the time to listen to you. 

Dr. G. is extremely thorough and curious- a great combination for a physician. She spent a great deal of time with me in a manner that was both professional and compassionate. Her medical knowledge and skill sets are outstanding. This is not a "cookie cutter" Doctor. Give her a try, you will NOT be disappointed.