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Kristy S.

I feel like this office definitely needs a good review and I am here to give it! They only have three reviews and all of them are one stars... As a new patient I really cannot understand why! I first saw Dr. G 3weeks ago to address my problem with obesity. I did had to wait a while to see her, my appointment was at a certain time and I was not seen until 45 minutes after that. Of course in the waiting room I am frustrated that I have to wait this long to see the doctor. However, once they finally called me back everything made perfect sense. Not only was her staff extremely friendly they were also very educated on the services they were providing. I have been looking A long time for a doctor that can focus on my problems that I have. Dr. G was absolutely amazing! She listened to me, she understood me, and she never once made a judgment about me.  She takes the time with her patients and that is something i find that is very rare these days. Once I left the appointment I realized that waiting 45 minutes in the lobby was worth every second that I got to spend with Dr. G. I have since seen her a second time and she is very focused on me as a person... She wants to find a resolution for my lifestyle and that is something I really appreciate. I feel like she listens to me, she understands me, and she is able to provide great resources for me as well. I feel like she truly wants me to succeed. Her staff has been beyond amazing even though I've only been there twice. They are very personable and friendly and always make me feel comfortable, which is something I find very important these days. I am currently scheduled for biweekly visits and should any of the above statement change I will come back and revise my review. However, I do not for see that happening! I am overly thrilled with the services provided by Dr. G and her staff! If you have been looking for a doctor to help you with your diabetes or any obesity issues I highly recommend coming to this office! I promise you will not be sorry!

Dr G is excellent and neither her nor her staff discriminate against people on Medi-Cal. I have never felt disrespected or looked at differently in her office. I've had the best treatment with her since I moved to California.